The best way to look to the future is to respect the past. Our collection includes models made by some of the most representative architects and designers of the 70s, which remain "timeless icons" and current design.

Qualified space

For us, functionality means being able to use it with advantage, but not in the sense of "practical use". Furniture fills an empty space with meaning before it is even used, emotionally even before practically.

Museum of Modern Art

The way is the "Design" which takes into account all the formal, visual and use meanings, synthesizing them in a space that is thus not only filled but qualified.

 Armchair in curved metal tube and leather seat, designed by Tatlin in 1927 and present at the National Museum of Modern Art  "Center Pompidou"  in Paris.

Vladimir Tatlin

The Result

The result is the Object that manages to guarantee the integral enjoyment of all its programmed values.


So we offer functionalities of form, perception, material, so that you can take hold of your space by qualifying it.